Preventive Maintenance of Plant Equipment

Preventive Maintenance of Plant Equipment

Client’s Challenge

➢ Data Capture: To capture Plant Maintenance data in real-time and batch using
➢ Interfaces to SAP PM, Oracle JDE P&EM and other Plant Maintenance packages
➢ Interfaces to IOT Devices to get real time feed of state of plant equipment
➢ Business Intelligence: To analyze the data and visualize the following:
➢ Top Problem Groups, Most Failing Assets
➢ Major Failure Reasons
➢ Asset Failure by Month/Days of month
➢ Failure Trends by Date, Functional Location
➢ Partwise, Region wise failure
➢ Major types of maintenance, High maintenance assets
➢ Dashboard: a dashboard to present BI and Predictive results.
➢ Predictive Models: To develop models capable of predicting:
➢ Time to Fail
➢ Probability of Fail
➢ Equipment most likely to Fail
➢ SaaS Enablement:
➢ Subscription based access with online payments and billing module.
➢ Create/Maintain new subscriber (manufacturing company) and its users

Understanding Plant Maintenance Data

▪ An integrated platform comprising of Application & Presentation Layers, Interfaces including ETL Layer & IOT Hub and SaaS enablement including subscription and user management.
▪ Implemented and hosted on standard Cloud platform: AWS or Microsoft Azure

Benefits Delivered:

✓ Dashboard with real-time monitoring
✓ SaaS enabled solution
✓ Quick response time in case of any breakdowns.
✓ Machine Learning models can predict breakdowns even before they occur

AWS ML/IOT Implementation

Microsoft Azure ML/IOT Implementation


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