IOT Based Alerting

IOT Based Alerting

Client’s Challenge

➢IOT based alerting when machine is idle or facing issues.
➢Changes in key variables related to electrical functioning and temperature conditions can lead to breakdowns.
➢Unscheduled breakdown of a machine or equipment can lead to huge losses.
➢The client was looking for a highly scalable solution for alerting.

Analysis & Solution Approach

➢MQTT broker hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS).
➢Sensor devices connected to IOT hub transmit variables using MQTT protocol.
➢The solution comprised of a 3-tier architecture solution built using Tableau in front-end, Python with PySpark in middle and Cassandra & Postgres in backend.
➢Back-office keeps track using Dashboard & email, SMS alerts.

▪ Reference Architecture framework with clearly demarcated Inbound Interface, Application and Outbound Interface Layers.
▪ Based on open-source architecture built in Python and Java

Benefits Delivered:

✓ Real-time monitoring of sites from a single back-office location.
✓ Quick response time in case of any breakdowns.
✓ Machine Learning models can predict breakdowns even before they occur


It’s simple.